Monday, August 3, 2015

Learn something new every day: Ordering drinks in Budapest

Yesterday and today we went out for lunch at a local restaurant in the Pest part of Budapest, Hungary.  On the menu it would give non-alcoholic drink prices for .1L, but the actual drinks served are larger than that. You need to be specific about the size of drink you expect, otherwise you will end up with a larger drink and potentially a surprise when you receive the bill.

Yesterday we had goulash at Cyrano. This afternoon we visited the Borkakas Bistro where we finally asked for an explanation of the inconsistency. They not only gave us an explanation so we could finally understand what was happening, but they offered to reduce the bill to the price of the .1L drink.  I felt embarrassed to be asking so many questions about what is a fairly small amount of money (even if the Canadian dollar is down these days), but it was a curiosity what was causing us to wonder if prices were being inflated for us confused tourists  Nop -- just confused tourists.

We were walking around quite a bit and already feeling overly hot and a bit dehydrated, otherwise I would have been ordering beer where the price is far more clear (priced per regular mug and large mug) and cheaper than the same volume of non-alcoholic drink.

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