Thursday, October 1, 2020

Decolonizing and landback: they don't want your pool.

As part of the Indigenous Canada course , Dan Levy has been hosting some informal conversations after each module.  When the topic of indigenous peoples wanting their land back comes up, Paul Gareau has jokingly said something along the lines of "we don't want your pool".

I heard another version of that thought during the Q&A section of a talk given in February by Dr. Kim TallBear titled  "Decolonizing (≠ Reconciling): Science, Technology, and Indigenous Relations".  The entire talk is amazing and worth listening to, but if nothing else please listen to this 4 minute clip.

"Settlers are always afraid you are going to do to them what they have done to everyone else.  So whatever their fears are, it tells you they know what their ancestors really did. Nobody is going to kick anyone out."

"You can be kin to us without being us." ... "Be careful about making those types of appropriative claims".

"The settler state cannot be redeemed.  It is not the project."

"We are telling ourselves the wrong story, and its very difficult to make changes with the wrong narrative guiding us."

The person asking the question referenced a paper by Tuck and Yang titled "Decolonization is not a metaphor".

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