Friday, October 9, 2020

Donation to help elect Annamie Paul in Toronto Centre.

I just made the maximum $1625.00 donation to help elect Annamie Paul in Toronto Centre.

I'm of European descent, born in 1968 in what was recently called Northern Ontario.  This year I stated my antiracism training, and it has been a major eye opener.

I've spent decades fighting against treating land, animals, people and ideas as "property", and the treatment of "property" as exclusivity without responsibility.  In taking a course on Indigenous Canada I have learned that this is down to world views, with the view I've been fighting against being one of the core aspects of European world views.

Now that I'm aware of the differences in world views between those indigenous to North America and those indigenous to Europe, I have come to understand that my personal views are more North American than the Canadian federal, provincial or municipal governments that claim to represent me as a citizen. I've come to understand that fighting for environmental, economic and social justice is very wrapped in decolonisation, antiracism, and fighting against "white supremacy" (I mean the systemic kind, not focused on individuals).

I have watched a few videos and Q&A sessions with Annamie Paul at this point, and I'm happy to see that she represents a perspective I want to see in parliament. She isn't a person of Caribbean descent that is going to simply work within the existing Eurocentric political culture in Canada, but work to change it.

She isn't running in my electoral district, so my views on her won't affect my vote, but I can still donate to help encourage people in Toronto Center to support and vote for her.

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